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8th OPAP Annual: KPOP in TMD

8th OPAP Annual: KPOP in TMD OPAP FB Event page: Dr. Tan Hee Hon: Prosthodontics/ Orofacial Pain National University of Singapore "Orofacial Pain in Prosthodontist' s Perspective" Dr. Cristina Laureta: Orthodontics UP College of Dentistry "Usual Suspects Extraction in TMD" Dr. Josievitz Zafra: Orthodontics UP College of Dentistry "Ortho Tx Causes or Cures TMD: What do scientific evidence tell us?" Dr. Ricardo Boncan: TMD/Orofacial Pain UP College of Dentistry "Pain Control in TMD: Why you can not always get what you want." REGISTRATION: 1) OPAP/TOPP: 1,800 (RATE STRICTLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15 ONLY. Standard rates apply after) 2) Regular Rate Pre Reg: 2,000 (until October 31) Onsite: 2,500 Bank Details: Metrobank Eisenhower Account name: Orofacial Pain Association Inc. Account number: 614-7-61403361- 0 *NOTE Very Important Send a photo of your deposit sli